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Genetically modified animals | Reuters.com

K.C. (top), the initial animal produced by simply cloning from the cell taken from a new carcass, is pictured can be together with her traditionally bred calf Sunshine, who was born December 17, 2004, on this undated photograph introduced simply by animal cloning and genomics services...more

Thursday, July 25, 2013

K.C. (top), the really first animal produced through cloning from a cell taken from a carcass, is pictured is actually along with her traditionally bred calf Sunshine, who had been born December 17, 2004, within this undated photograph introduced through animal cloning as well as geno mics solutions business ViaGen upon November 12, 2009. ViaGen owns the particular intellectual property rights towards the technologies that will inside 1996 produced Dolly the sheep, the world's very first animal cloned via a grown-up cell, from Scotland's Roslin Institute. REUTERS/Candace Dobson/ViaGen/Handout


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